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So that sauerkraut idea...

Filth's post about sauerkraut got my creative juices flowing. Heck, I'd never made any fermented food from scratch. This sounded easy enough.

I already had a cabbage rolling around in the fridge. I shredded it, mixed it with salt, and crammed it into a gallon ice cream bucket, then plopped a plate on it and weighed it down with a big can of olive oil.

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Cheap, alternative source of hormonal birth control?

My yearly fight with Planned Parenthood looms. I thought maybe I could avoid the whole thing by finding a cheap, prescription-free source of hormonal birth control online. I haven't had any luck yet. It seems that cheap and no-prescription are mutually exclusive.

My poison of choice is Loestrin-FE. Anybody have any sources?

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Burnt out

I spent much of yesterday evening pushing High Schooler to get her paperwork together for her intake appointment. She was very cooperative for a change because she doesn't want to return to school, which proves that all of this refusing to do school work is not learning disability, but stubbornness.

She has to go to the appointment alone because I can't take time off for this and court next week also.

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Oh, yeah, the car accidents...

I swear, I'm not making this up. I had two car accidents last Saturday, both minor. One was my fault, one was the other person's fault. I was driving Teen Parent to work, misjudged the distance between me and a crooked-parked Jeep, and knocked off one of their mirrors with one of mine. Nobody was around, so I left my number on the windshield. The owner's boyfriend called saying that the owner was too upset to talk to me. Wimp.

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To bail or not to bail

So what to do upon finding out your seventeen year old is in the slammer for a crime she definitely committed? Is it being an enabler to bail them out?

This was no accident, nor wrong place/wrong time misunderstanding. This was pre-meditated, willful criminal activity. Petty larceny, and not the first time. The other store owners thought they'd give her a break and chose not to press charges. "She won't do it again" they cooed. Yeah, right. License to steal.

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Wish I could say more...

Things are upside down in the house of Pup Daddy, Rat Pup, High Schooler, Teen Parent and me...I...we? Anyway, it's been a soul-battering week.

I wish I could say more. There is a lurker here who likes to report my every word to Teen Parent. That has made it difficult to post anything, as my posts, even the positive ones, result in emotional explosions.

I'm just not in a place where I can work with that.

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Fell off the wagon with a thud.

Those 8 M&Ms eaten two days ago reawakened all of the cravings that I hadn't realized had subsided.

Yesterday I craved all day, finally having a handful of crackers so that I could fall asleep instead of lying there in the dark, staring up at the blades of the ceiling fan illuminated by two slices of moonlight, making me carsick with their rhythmic spinning. Knuckles white as I clutched the sheet, I thought of dimpled blueberry muffin tops and the identical chocolate drifts adorning the surface of Milky Way bars.


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