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Feeling powerless

Being unemployed seems in theory like a great opportunity to pursue interests and return to studies, but just doesn't work well in practice. Money anxiety throws in a knot to the stomach and a slouch to the shoulders, sapping energy and clogging creativity.

Being a sole breadwinner here, I'm trying to add up the numbers to see how long it will take for this ship to sink if I don't find a job. Last time, it took seven months, and what I found was the job from hell. This time, I have no such luxury

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Dealing with an icky tenant & back to school (for me!)

The tenant that didn't pay his rent for August-September (he pays mid-month according to his lease) still hasn't paid. He is pissed off because he doesn't like the neighborhood and wants to move, so is claiming that there are safety hazards because some of the windows don't have locks...they had locks when the LAST tenant lived there, but the current tenant says that NOW there are no locks. I can't imagine where window locks would have scampered off to.

He has not responded to my offer to buy him some locks to replace the locks that were already there.

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More nonsense from High Schooler

High Schooler is getting weirder and weirder. I smelled smoke and followed my nose to her room. She was setting paper on fire and throwing it out of the window. I found beer bottles and an opener in her room when I moved the bed...along with more idly burned items. She tried to tell me they weren't hers. Am I supposed to believe that some stranger has been drinking beer in her room?

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Rat Pup in the kitchen and some random Saturday moments--pics

On a happier note, I woke up far too early this morning. The world was quiet and COOL for a change at about 57 degrees. I actually put on a sweat-jacket for a while.

Since Rat Pup was awake, we made biscuits together. I stood her on a chair beside me so that she could see and touch the tools and ingredients.

Pulling off a piece to taste.

She was all sticky after her first encounter with dough, so after I washed the dishes, I washed the Rat Pup.

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Lost my temper -- update

Teen Parent asked for a ride to the grocery store to get a few things for Pup Daddy's birthday, which is tomorrow. While we were there, I decided to get a bucket of his favorite cookies, which I planned to decorate with ribbon and give to him when he wakes up tomorrow.

I put the cookies on the counter and went to get the ribbon. When I returned, High Schooler had opened the bucket and was chowing down on the cookies.

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Nothing but time

So since I have this unexpected uncertainty rolling out in front of me, I've decided to try and rectify some of the messes I've gotten myself into. Some are huge, and deeply embarrassing. Others are just messes, and can be cleaned up if I can get past the anxiety of facing them.

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It's pouring again.

High Schooler got 25 hours of community service. If she completes the 25 hours in six weeks time, all charges will be dropped and she will have no record.

The judge was a jolly old man who kept smiling and saying things like "Now your're not going to do anything like this again, right?" to my daughter. I half expected him to offer her a Werther's Original caramel in a shiny foil wrapper.

No wonder there are so many repeat offenders.

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Tomorrow is court

I want to run. Or refuse. Or say "I forgot" when I know damned well I didn't forget. I don't want this experience, don't want to find out more or get her some help. I want a nice life without kids who cause excursions to court.

I also came home to find that in humid 95 degree weather, our poor box turtle had been left outside on the sunny porch in his sunning tank with no water, food or shade. I was seriously homicidal when I came back to our dwelling to see him with all of his limbs splayed, his head pushed under his empty plate in an attempt to find shade.


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