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Ten more days til Daylight Saving Time ends!

The majority of people I've buttonholed on this subject prefer Daylight Saving Time. They talk with rapture and relief at the extra light and longer days, and grumble about how much they detest getting out of work during the Standard Time months to find stars already shining in the velvety sky.

Me? I find Daylight Saving Time unbearable.

Never having been great at time management, being thrust into a world running on cockeyed clocks tips me right over the edge from mere time-challenged to desperation.

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Nothing like having a cheat in the house

Teen Parent came in last night with the scent of another all over her. I know exactly who it is, and it's been going on for months. It's the man I asked her to stop bringing to our dwelling because he was too forward and handsy, and his leering was getting on my nerves.

She stopped bringing him over, but apparently has continued their 'friendship'. I'd like to throttle them both.

Last night she claimed to have to go to some stores after her work shift ended at 6pm, and didn't show up til nearly five hours later, smelling like someone other than herself.

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High Schooler just keeps pushing. -- update added.

I sometimes wonder if people who are cheerful all of the time and can always look at the bright side are really feeling that way, or if they've learned to behave that way until it feels real.

High Schooler (or Drop-Out, as I suppose I should rename her) is still creating problems. Today's incident was that she left to log in her community service hours for the court. I was in the town where she was supposedly serving today, so I went to see if she wanted to ride back with me since it's $6 and 2 hours to take public transportation back to our hell hole of a town.

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I am so tired of cleaning up after these people!--update

Teen Parent and Pup Daddy bought a crib for Rat Pup yesterday. They got it halfway put together and left it in the middle of the living room, along with toys, clothes, diaper wipe packages, shoes, electronics, schoolbooks, and the ripped-up box that held the crib.

This morning, Teen Parent handled the mess as she always does...she got up and left for work without touching it.

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Hate the game, not the player.

Today during a workshop to qualify for grant funding for further education, a co-applicant said to me "This is my third time getting this grant. I'm a licensed Commercial Driver AND a Certified Nursing Assistant."

I paused in filling out my endless paperwork. "Are those fields becoming saturated?" I asked.

"Naw." she said, applying lip gloss. "It's just that I was away for a while. People don't let you keep the job when they find out you got a record". She didn't seem upset, though. "I'll just keep getting licenses til I can retire."

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A LOL moment

I was doing errands along the Boston Post Road on bicycle. I love using the bicycle for transportation, even have the "Miss Gulch Theme" from the Wizard Of Oz on mp3. Stopped at the grocery store for almond milk and pasta, went to one bank to withdraw rent money, then dropped it off at another bank, paid the electric bill, and picked up two books at the library. I was on my way back to our dwelling with spaghetti boxes protruding from the front cargo basket when a young man of maybe twenty shouted from the sidewalk

"Ride that bike, Ma!" in an approving manner.

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Sister Wives

Did anybody else watch TLC's Sister Wives, the latest controversial reality show?

First, congratulations for admitting to watching reality TV. ;)

Going by the comments on any news article about it that has been posted online, the viewer reaction is usually outrage, followed by either anger at the husband or a judgment that the women are 'brainwashed', 'stupid', or have low self esteem.

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Taking a workshop tomorrow. -- update

It's called "Keeping Your Spirits Up". It's offered by the CT Department of Labor. I am eager to go, and see what I can learn there.

Pretty cool that they've recognized that a lot of us unemployed people have zero health coverage, and therefore cannot seek short-term counseling if we start to sag with the burden of being both idle and broke.

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Commission! PICS ADDED!

A neighbor knocked on my door and asked if I could make her a birthday cake in the flavor/style of one I made for a neighborhood party. What made me really happy was that she said it would be cheaper for her to have it made at the bakery, but she liked mine better.

No matter how old we get, it still makes us happy to hear "I like yours better."

Headed to the kitchen now. I'll see if Rat Pup wants to learn how to lick the spoon. :bigsmile:

I was so excited last night, I spelled 'commission' wrong!

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More trouble

I hesitated to write this. Lately all of my posts have been so grim that I fear getting on people's nerves with this outpouring of bad luck or bad karma or bad genes or whatever it is.

a letter came from the Department of Labor. Assuming it was acknowledgement of my claim, I tossed it into a pile of bills and other items that feel too threatening to open.

Today I got up the courage to open it.


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