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Not thankful for Thanksgiving.

I have plenty to be thankful for, yada yada...and things could be worse, yada yada, and an attitude of gratitude is essential to moving forward yada yada...but I am not looking forward to celebrating the designated holiday called Thanksgiving.

I didn't grow up with holidays. The cult didn't allow any holiday not directly biblically sanctioned according to their interpretation of the bible, which just happened to not match any other in the world.

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A- is still an A!

The corny presentation graded A-, which still is a perfectly good A in my book. The false start and loss of notes cost me time points, even though I received very good to excellent on all other points.

With an 88 on the midterm, I am thinking I will either get an overall A- or B+ for the course grade, as long as I do ok on the final. Geez, I'd forgotten about finals...they don't give those in the office world.

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Talk about role reversal! :)

So last night--early this morning, really--at about 12:20AM, I was sitting at this very computer, Powerpoint open, and little else happening.

I'd made 5 out of the 12 slides needed for my presentation. It was coming together, but much more slowly than usual. I didn't like the way the presentation was looking. Unfamiliar with Powerpoint, I sat browsing the help files seeing what I could do to make it look better. Then I began fiddling with some slides that had nothing to do with my assignment.

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Here we go again...or not.

In a perfect world, we'd learn from our mistakes. Since this isn't a perfect world, maybe we first need to figure out exactly what to call a mistake.

Last week, I agonized for 6 days over a class assignment, did it all on day 7, and skidded into class exausted but done. I vowed to do things differently this time.

It's Thursday. This week's assignment is to create a Powerpoint presentation of the information contained in last week's report. It's due on Saturday at 9 am. I not only haven't started, I don't even know how to use Powerpoint.

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Standard Time!!!

It felt so good to wake up this morning not feeling already late for something. Noon came at NOON, when the sun is directly overhead. The immense relief this brings can't be described.

When the clocks match the sun, I can feel the flow of time again. It's as though a lost sense has been restored. I no longer depend on a watch and timers and beepers all over the house because I simply can't gauge time when all of the clocks are telling me one thing, and the planet is telling me another.

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Can I get a translator??

I received a letter from the Department of Labor saying that I may be eligible to attend school full time and still receive unemployment benefits (once they are restored, that is). That would be just dandy.

There was a number to call for more information. I repeat, the letter from the Department of Labor offered a number "For information whether you are contemplating enrollment in school or training, or are presently enrolled."

Foolishly believing that a number offering information from the State of CT might actually have information to offer, I called.

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I lost the unemployment hearing.

Their findings: two days of my first workweek at my last job (the one that I no longer have) overlapped the last week of collecting unemployment benefits. I think.

They calculate the overpayment at $551 (Is that for two days? Or the whole week? I can't tell.), which must be paid immediately. In addition, the Department Of Labor will penalize (tranlation: not pay) 2 weeks of benefits. The total loss is over $1300.

I had a feeling that telling the truth would backfire. Oh well.

Grieve and move on. There's nothing that I know to do that will change it.

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The thief of time--Finished!

See comment below.

Deadlines turn me into an inanimate object.

It's Thursday, 4pm here in the Northeast. I have an assignment that's due at 9am on Saturday morning. I've gotten up every day this week, sat down at the computer and surfed the web, read blogs, paid the electric bill, surfed the web some more, made/drank tea, tea and more tea, looked at new sewing patterns, renewed my library books, and did everything but my report.

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I dream of Marlboro Lights.

I am gaining weight at an alarming rate. At this point, I don't even try to do anything about it. I don't know why the cravings are so incessant and so powerful, but they are. Eating has replaced my beloved cigarettes.

I buy tea, bread, apples and chocolate and ingest them in massive quantities because that's what appeals to me. That, and the occasional bottle of blue-cheese salad dressing or pile of pasta keeps me un-cranky enough to function. Health, schmealth.


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