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From the landlord...

Landlords are douchbags. Every last one of 'em. They are all shits. They all take advantage of the poor tenants.

One of the reasons I rarely post anything here anymore is that I got tired of hearing about how ALL people who own property and rent it out as living space are "douchebags".

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We'd like to help you learn to help yourself.

We have just found out that Teen Parent is ineligible for food stamps, WIC, or any aid but medical. She's nineteen, with a toddler of her own.

She lost her part-time job when we moved, and hasn't been able to find another. Pup Daddy was able to get work at a sandwich shop. He receives about 22 hours a week, at minimum wage. Needless to say, they can't support a family on that.

Teen Parent applied for AFDC and food benefits. She told them, truthfully, that she and her boyfriend rent a room and buy their own food.

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Tough Love. Or just tough.

Week two in her new school, High Schooler managed to miss the school bus to school.

On Sundays in our house, we have a standing plan that we catch up on chores. Laundry gets done and outfits get pulled for the week. Doesn't have to be anything fancy. Pants, tops, underwear and socks dumped unfolded into a bottom drawer or plastic bin is fine, as long as one can reach in there and extract someting to wear to school. If she wants to go wrinkled or mismatched, fine. Just get ready and go.

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Reaction mode

I got a call from High Schooler's new school. As soon as I heard "Hello, this is Mrs H. calling from the high school", I panicked. Not again! Not so soon! What NOW?

The caller went on to tell me that they needed me to come in person to fill out immunization exemption forms since my kid has never been immunized.

Oh. Just that. A signature. Nothing about behavior. Nothing about schoolwork. Just a form that is only marginally related to my kid.

What a relief. I didn't realize how coiled I've been, fearing the return of the old behavior.

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Still fighting the pounds

I caught sight of myself in a mirror today and flinched. It was an unexpected, full length glance. I was neither sucking anything in nor standing up straight.

Clearly, sticking to the eat-well-and-exercise plan is too unpleasant for me to commit. It's not difficult or "hard", as we like to say here in the U.S. It's quite simple. However, it also feels exponentially unpleasant.

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Merry Christmas from the fam-i-lyyy! (Robert Earl Keene rules!)

What I made the family endure tonight:

I'm not bald, my hair just blends into Santa's chair. High Schooler consented to taking ONE ear bud out long enough to grimace at the camera. Rat Pup held onto that bottle for dear life. Santa gave us all candy canes when we were done.

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Deck the halls...

No, wait, wrong holiday!

I wish everybody a wonderful Thanksgiving with peaceful celebration (or no celebration if you're really lucky).

Going into the kitchen now to make miniature cheesecakes, a tofurkey, a Quorn roast, mushroom gravy and finish up the pineapple poke cake, chocolate layer cake, spinach & feta stuffed mushrooms, and green bean casserole that I started last night. We'll head to our friends home at 3pm.


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