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child support and ethics

It's been almost three years since my FAX paid any child support. He is currently mooching off his ailing, elderly father (in the guise of caring for him). Alameda County no longer pursues "Seek Work" orders (although they've told me that I could file one myself. Yeh, right. Lawyer that I am. With copious amounts of free time at my disposal, after cleaning other people's houses all day and doing mom sh*t for two teenagers!).

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Older kid is at camp, younger one is on the computer

Kinda nice.
I'm freaking a little bit since I'm playing a show on Friday. It's shaping up that I might be the only girl on the stage the whole night. It's a far cry from M*mapalooza. I have to whine a bit, though, that here I am, the girl bass player/singer in a metal band, I wear mini-skirts and platform boots onstage, and I'm playing to a room full of guys, but, still, I can't get any action. WTF?

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I think I saved someone's life

I think I saved someone's life two nights ago. I was over at the cowboy's house (more about that when I'm ready), talking, and we heard what sounded like, what was definitely gunshots. He lives in South Berkeley, like the next building over is in Oakland, one of those weird blocks. Our kids, his 3 and my 2, were sleeping in the living room. I called 911 on my cell phone. I figured no-one would figure out who called, and besides, we could hear moaning--it was soooo close. The cops came pretty fast--Oakland and Berkeley, cuz it's right on the boarder. I think, after the Oakland Hills fire in 1991, they decided overkill on overlapping jurisdictions was better than having a bunch of houses burn down for lack of coordination.

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Back on hipMama

Trying to navigate the new HipMama...ironically I came here to help a single dad I know to find resources for his custody issues. Still a punk rock my daughter has pink spikey hair. Mine's fakey black and short. A statement of sorts about the new year, the boyfriend who recently dumped me, the war, becoming vegan, blah blah blah. is the website for the new band, The Lactators having taken a nosedive. Writing metal songs, dance tunes, country songs, and telling everyone that I'm really a punk rocker.


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