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Louise Hay, my sinuses, my throat, teenagers, young men, middle-aged men, pirates, the rumor mill, cousins, my self-esteem...

...the language barrier, S*x in the City and swimming at the Y.

Wish I could draw a Vinn Diagram for this one.

Want to go swimming at the Y right now, but I haven't shaved, and if you've seen the S*x in the City movie, you'll know why I'm a little sketched out by this.

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How it's done

5 metal bands. Keg of Heineken. Condoms.
2nd cute, young guy in a row!
I really don't feel 40--I feel like a kid. Still confused, still a big f*ck-up.
I do, however, have to go mop the sticky beer residue off my dining room floor. And my kitchen floor. And my bathroom floor.
Oh, yeh, there was a mosh pit in my dining room. My mother would have a cow if she knew.

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vibe request

The son of one of my clients was just diagnosed with Juvenile Polyposis. He had 8 polyps in his colon. He's 4 or 5. My client is justifiably freaking out, because there's an elevated risk for cancer for kids with this condition, and she lost her first daughter to cancer at age three.
So, vibes for the son and vibes for the mom, please!

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That's my hometown--where the tornado hit just a few hours ago. From what I've seen on TV, it seems like it's pretty far away from my mom's house. I'm wondering if I should call her. I don't generally talk to her at all, and she's one of these people who are so obsessed with drama and death and destruction gossip, that it's pervy/icky.
DD16 won't call her for me--I already asked.
Sending out feelers on Facebook to figure out the scope of the destruction.


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