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speaking espanol

So, I've had a couple of dates with a really cute guy from Guadelajara. I thought I could speak some Spanish (and understand quite a bit), but I realize that I really speak/understand Spanglish.
I'm thinking about taking a trip to Mexico City this September, with my friend Chandra, to see Gorgoroth--a Norwegian Black Metal band. I really should learn some espanol (and norsk, but that's next week!). I got a gift cert for Am*zon, and I want to get something I can listen to in the car. Any recs? Spanish for Dummies? Speak in a Week?
(some Gorgoroth for ya)

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hot mamas #3

Did I mention that I got condoms, chocolates and a goodvibes gift card for my birthday? I guess I have to "activate" the card before I can buy online. Well, shoot, I guess I'll just have to go to the store, then.
I just haaaaate going to the sex toy store. (Note to self: get some bigger condoms in case you hook up with that young guy again...)

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child support update

I sent the $20 to keep the account open, but I haven't actually gotten the check from CSS. I have to call them tomorrow. I mean, it's definitely posted to the system, but maybe it's lost in the mail.
That's what I get for trying to be clever!

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eleven *edit

1.Went to Thrift Town today with DD13. It's not as chock full o' good finds as it was before the hipsters got to it, but I did get two sofa slipcovers and the main components of DD's graduation--I mean promotion--ceremony outfit for 1/2 of the price of one new slipcover.
2. I love the smell of second hand stores.


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