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My baby graduated

DD16 basically dropped out of high school after 9th grade. I'd like to say she's been homeschooling, but maybe unschooling is more correct. She works as a hostess at a very fancy restaurant (Flora) in Downtown Oakland. And she's been studying for the California High School Proficiency Exam--12th grade level, rather than the GED which is at 10th grade. Pass the CHSPE and you get a diploma, for reals.
So, she took the test a few weeks ago, and it's been a nail-biter, but, well, the diploma came in the mail yesterday.

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DD14, that is. She's been pretty, uh, teenagery lately. Like wanting to be waited on hand and foot, not getting her butt off the sofa, etc. I had a thought today that part of the issue may be that she really doesn't know her place in the family--I mean, she can't be the cute baby forever. So, when I dragged my exhausted arse home from work, I *made* her cook with me. And both DDs and I ate dinner together. It was rather nice, actually.

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a real dick move

My wonderful DD16 taught me a new phrase the other day. She was in a fight with her boyfriend, and went to another dude's house for support (he happened to have witnessed the fight, and is her longtime friend). In the moment of her vulnerability, dude #2 confessed that he had been in love with her for a long time (which is bullsh*t).
My kid nailed it on the head when she said that it was "a real dick move" to do that to her. She needed support, not someone trying to manipulate his way into her pants.

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dust settling on my post-relationship...

...freak out.
You know how, if you've been in an unsatisfactory relationship for a while, and you get out, sometimes you just gotta kick out the jams? Gotta do the rebound thing? Gotta feel like you don't totally suck, and it's the other person who sucks?
Been doing that for the past few weeks. But I stayed in tonight with my kid and a friend who just ended a relationship, too. Craft night. She was making a book cover and I'm knitting a red hat with a black inverted pentagram. We had a couple of PBRs and half-watched Harold and Maude

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hot mamasotas

Yeh, had a booty call tonight.
I've reached an agreement with a guy not to be boyfriend and girlfriend, just friends. With benefits. He tells me I'm pretty, which makes me feel good. He does other things to me, which make me feel BAAAAAAAAD!!!! Ha ha ha!

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life, revisited

waaay back in the day, when we called moshing "slamming" or even "slam dancing", when I was a teenaged punk in Colorado, there was this one guy in our crowd, I'll call him "Mazz", since that was tattooed on his arm. He was good-looking and charismatic and stylish, for a punk. He was already adopting the rockabilly look in the 80's, and he drove a 1951 Ford like this (only light blue and not all fixed up):


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