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1. Did yoga in a nice studio in San Francisco today. The studio is on a cable car line, or I mean, a street where the cable car passes. Hearing the cable cars pass while hanging upside down in some-thing-or-other asana was pretty cool.
2. Nice weather.
3. Found a cool little desk on the sidewalk today and a cute metalhead (taken, shucks) helped me load it into my car. Now I can get rid of the massive, ugly Ik*a piece of crap that just collects unpaid bills and other trash.
4. Decaf PG Tips.

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My Kid

This is for all you mamas who don't live in Oakland and who couldn't come and see my kid perform. For reference, she's the "bad guy", a maniacal Jaqueline-in-the-Box who runs Toy Town (a toy store) and manipulates all the toys into thinking that they want to be sold, or to sell out. It's the night before Black Friday, and Toy Town is surrounded by Occupy protestors. The toys are just about to realize that there is more to life than being sold, but first Jaqueline has a few words to say about Power and The System and hippie tree-huggers!

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Remember when I pissed off some people here...

...because I said that poverty is a known cause of depression, and if the Psychiatric Profession isn't doing anything to work toward an end to poverty, then they are kidding themselves about helping people?

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Thinking about the future

not so much the catastrophic end of the world kind of future. More like the "what am I going to do when T moves out of the house"? kind of future. I would like to figure out a way either through or just through regular housemates, to pay less rent. I don't want housemates as long as I have the kid in the house. It's just too much. I've tried it a lot over the years and it's generally been a miserable failure. I was thinking about airbnb beause it's all short-term, a couple nights, a week.

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full metal yoga

It's really hard to find a yoga mat bag that is black and doesn't have a bunch of airy-fairy Enya-inspired decorations on it. So, I'm going to make one. I bought a crappy, cheapo one on the interwebs, so I can dismantle it and make a pattern. I'm also going to ask some of my yoga punx peeps to let me take a gander at their bags to see what kinds of bells and whistles are on the nicer ones. And then I'm going to make one, or two, in black canvas, and I'm going to sew nice metal/punk patches on them and maybe put some spikes on as well.

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not all electronic noise sucks

So, I ACCIDENTALLY went to another Noise show last week. I thought it was going to be a doom metal show (there were certainly doomy qualities to most of the bands, but it was definitely a Noise show), and if I had known it was a Noise show, you know I wouldn't have gone after the last noise show I went to. But, there I was, sipping a whiskey sour, talking to the awesome drummer from Laudanum, and I realized that there were no drum kits, just table tops scattered with pedals and patch cords. I figured I needed to stay, since I did pay the cover charge and a friend was going to meet me.


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