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Out of sight, out of mind.

I read a piece today which stated that corporations are using the GINI index in Amerrika, and are aware of the incredibly shrinking middle class, and the growing gap between rich and poor--and are marketing crappy, cheap stuff to us poor people to squeeze as much money out of us as they can before Amerrika collapses into the feudal dark ages, I guess. The article mentioned something about how the middle class has been shrinking for about 40 years, or, in other words, there has been a general decline in income for everyone but the super wealthy.
40 years. Hmmmmm.....
What group of people starting appearing on the scene about 40 years ago? It wasn't the baby boomers. It was the generation-we'd-rather-not-think-about. The 1st generation in this country to have it shittier than our parents. The generation called "slackers", because we couldn't see the point in working our asses off for a dream that was never going to be available to us. A generation that wasn't even given a name, but just a letter. X. The letter you use to cross things out when you don't want them. The letter you use to describe a mistake, a former lover, an unknown variable in a math problem.
And instead of nurturing and supporting and acknowledging us, the previous generations ignored us, even Mr. Obama, who is one of us, passed us over in seeking votes in the last election. The invisible generation. The one we'd rather not look at, because looking at Gen. X. means looking at how badly our world is fucked up.
We Xers need to look at ourselves, and talk about our experiences, growing up, seeing that the people who were in high school when we were in elementary had more opportunities, more support, than we did, in the same school just a few years later. We need to talk about how we were raised in poverty, in scarcity, and had this carrot of the great amerrikan dream dangled in front of us all the time. We need to talk about how, during the time that we were in school, school changed from a place to learn and expand minds, to a place to be turned into a consumer and a bigot and a wage-slave---and we experienced THAT.
We need to talk about how it was before, and how it changed into what it is now. We are the bridge. We have that sad knowledge because we experienced it first hand. "They" will continue to ignore us, pass us over, ultimately, they will probably blame us, but WE need to tell our stories, for our children and our grandchildren.

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3 thing I like better about being a doula

than I did about caring for my own babies....
1. I'm not doing this 24/7 without any breaks. I do this for an 8 hour shift, and then I go home.
2. I am making money doing this, rather than living in poverty without any viable means of escape.
3. Because I am making extra money doing this, I'm less stressed in general, even though I am working at night as a doula and during the day as a housecleaner.

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been blogging elsewhere

for money. It's an online focus group. I'm not making a lot of money doing it, but it's kinda eating up my blogging mojo. I'll be done at the end of this week. In the meantime, Blondy and I made it official, after trying for a few weeks to patch things up. It's over. I'm very sad. I love him, I really do. We are just at different places in our lives. At a loss for what to do for the most part, so I'm doing hauswerk. Washed my slipcover for the sofa, changing the sheets right now, did a shit-ton of laundry. I'd really rather be breaking things, but...


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