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1. Glad to be back in Oakland.
2. Random text from my friend, Cesar, asking random question that he knew I would have the answer to, when no-one else might. It's nice to feel needed every now and again.
3. My friend Timm for house/cat sitting for me. It was so nice to come home and all the cats were alive!
4. Oxtail stew on the simmer now. With organic onions and kabocha squash from Fully Belly Farms CSA.

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occupy oakland, via LA?

Hi mamas,
I was out of town, in LA, with T-Dizzle, looking at colleges--also staying at a house where I had neither phone nor internet access (in the middle of Van Nuys--there are weird black hole pockets all over the world aren't there?--when the shit hit the fan in Oakland. I'm talking to my friends and trying to get info to share with you.

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LA LA Land

Takin' T-Dizzle to The City of Angels next week to look at colleges. I can afford to do this because of the two months of extra doula work. Found a car rental for $12/day and a sofa sleeper on for $25/night. A friend of mine will be house/cat sitting. We're going to look at 2 schools a day, and then do one touristy, or off-beat touristy, thing a day. A road trip. I am feeling anxious as usual. Driving for hella hours, maybe getting lost a lot, maybe dealing with a kid who's got high expectations and a flair for the dramatic--it's a potential recipe for disaster.

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Two earthquakes yesterday!

There were 2 4.0-ish earthquakes yesterday, each epicenter about 1/2 a mile from my house. I was home alone, on the computer, when each one happened (one was at 2:40pm and the second was at 8:16pm). The USGS website says the first one was stronger, but the second one felt waaaay worse to me. Maybe it was closer; it definitely felt like it lasted longer. Stuff fell off the shelf--I've never experienced that before.

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mom, fail....

Last night was the last night of taking care of twin babies overnight, 4 days a week. I think I started in August. It was my first "big" doula gig. I did my best to keep all of my cleaning clients, as doula clients are always short-term, and I don't yet have a way of ensuring that I'll have another set of twins to take care of next week.


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