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Happy Nigel Tufnel Day.

You know who should be thanking me (a Gulf War-era vet) today? The fucking 1%. They get richer and richer while largely poor service people (on both sides of the conflict) kill or just maim each other and come back fucked up and stay poor. You wanna thank me for service? Call your representatives and tell them to stop using poor people as cannon fodder.

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and now for something completely different... I took some classes last spring to become a post-partum doula. I have made more than enough money to pay for the training, so that is good. However, last night when I nearly broke my toe on the way to my own bathroom (dark + chair + toe= ow!), and then felt RELIEF that I could use it as an excuse not to meet with a prospective doula client (but was totes ready to book a new cleaning client for next week), I got very clear. I don't want to be a doula.

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Today at Occupy Oakland.

Look at how beautiful and peaceful Occupy Oakland was today. Courtesy of Paige Lawrence.

This will likely be gone within a few days. There was an unrelated shooting there a few minutes after this video was shot. It's the excuse the Jean Quan has been looking for, as the camp is now a "crime scene".

You can see more of Paige's work here:

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T dyed her hawk aquamarine

And we're 90% done with filling out her CSU application.

I finally took some of my doula money and bought something for myself: a white, 5-string, acoustic/electric violin/viola, a new tuner, a pedal that makes the note you play go down as much as an octave, and a looping pedal (so I can play one thing and it will loop over and over). Mwaa-haa-haa! Time to make some music!!!!

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A funny thing happened on the way out of the bank

I did take some of my money out of my bank today, but I was a little unfocused about where to go put it, and I have to be home for the fridge repair guy, and I went with T to pay her M*tro PCS phone bill, and to ask what it will take for me to switch from the Spr*nt bill Nazis to M*tro (Tuesday!!!!), and then.....we walked by the yarn store....Blammo! Some cash into the local economy! (and out of my pocket) But it's all okay because I ran into a former client, a few steps away from the yarn store, who wants me to come back and clean. Well, off to do some knitting.


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