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definitely counting down the days

went to a "sneak peek" at SFSU with T-Dizzle today. Campus tour, tour of the Theater Arts dept, presentation on studying abroad, etc. Ate some crappy, expensive food, listened to other people's bad, loud music on public transit. Felt like kid was hiding behind me all day, and also being very judgmental about everything that I did (like ask questions about costume design classes while we were getting a tour of the costume design shop. sheesh, mom, why do you have to ask so many questions?)

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punk rock grats

1. The Outhouse in Lawrence, KS. A former tractor barn in the middle of a corn field that, in the 80's, was turned into a DIY punk venue. I went there, because, this one time in band camp, I started dating a cute punk guy from Lawrence, and he took me to The Outhouse when I went to visit him. In the past few years, I have had such great conversations with a couple of cute guys from the Lawrence area who have been thrilled to talk to someone about The Outhouse. It's now a strip club. (insert whatever commentary you want about that)
2. As always, my awesome clients.

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woke up at 6am to the smell of cat shit. the foster cat, the one that my kid loves, the kid who's moving in the fall, the asshole cat, he pooped in my front hall and dug up dirt from the plant that he's already almost killed by peeing in the plant pot--I just repotted the damn thing, had to toss out all of the dirt and the old pot and save just what was on the root ball (this is a 5 foot tall Dracaena)and add new dirt and put it all in a new pot.
made the kid clean up the poop.
went back to bed.

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1. Oxtail stew.
2. Modified 3 shirts and a pair of yoga pants.
3. My landlady called me today--to ask how to dye her granddaughter's hair blue--I'm grateful that she didn't bitch about my rent check being a day late last week.
4. My client who is a firefighter, amongst other qualities. I heart her. She is awesome.
5. Ancient Ways.
6. Night off from kid.
7. Mud.
8. Finding a really good lipstick.
9. Turning off the computer.
10. Freckles.

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Oester grat pack

1. Yoga punx.
2. The Harmonium (played around with one for the first time today)
3. Smoked pork chops and baked beans.
4. Doing Gene Kelly impressions with my kid.
5. I cleaned my house.
6. Chenille plant.

7. Living in the moment.
8. Not being a boy!
9. Old suitcases.
10. Candles for casting spells.

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I might have a "problem"

I've been buying a lot of plants lately. A LOT. Like $200 worth this month. Like I'm paying my rent late this month.
But, I don't regret any of the purchases. I like the idea that I might end up with a garden that is interesting, instead of merely weedy. I'm trying to work toward drought-friendly plants. But I sometimes end up buying weird ones, just because...a black petunia? Black stemmed mint? A black succulent? A red begonia? Black mondo grass? I did resist the kangaroo paw plant (creepy, fuzzy, weird) because it was $20.


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