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If you take birth control, your mother probably hates you

Katelyn Campbell objected to her publicly funded high school promoting inaccurate abstinence-only sexual education advertised with flyers extolling “God’s plan for sexual purity.”

She thought that it might not be super cool to listen to speakers who said things like “if you take birth control, your mother probably hates you” and “I could look at any one of you in the eyes right now and tell if you’re going to be promiscuous.”

But when she exercised her constitutional right to free speech and complained, the school principal allegedly said: “How would you feel if I cal

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Random Things I'm Noodling On

Sat, 06/16/2012 - 21:21 -- Susan

The boss recommended I read Steve Jobs' bio, so I did. It was alright. I think with tighter editing it would have been more enjoyable for me, but I got pretty good about just skimming when I couldn't read another line about how he thought normal rules didn't apply to him. Once you've drilled a bit home, you can let it go... But, it was interesting, both for the things he was very successful at as well as the things he was extraordinarily human and flawed at. All the examples of things done really well, and so many examples of how *not* to do things.


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